INSIGHT is a financial accounting firm built on a few critical differences. When started, the firm decided to help businesses migrate their finances into the 21st century by combining cutting-edge technology with financial expertise. To achieve this, INSIGHT became experts in the best industry technologies that make clients’ lives easier. We believe in virtual, secure solutions that meet your financial needs. And we train you in them, as well. We offer the expertise you need to manage your books, pay your team, catch up on accounting, and prepare for taxes. We deliver tangible, measurable results.
De Ann M. Garrison is the Founder and President of INSIGHT, a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm providing first-class financial services to start-ups, not-for-profits, and small businesses. But that is not all she does: De Ann is a traveler, whether processing payroll in Prague or bookkeeping in Barcelona, she enjoys working remotely to maximize her life and your time. She has been involved in finance for years. As a child, she was in awe of her mom’s ability to manipulate numbers with ease, and De Ann has successfully carried on this legacy. She is a recognized professional and serves as a Mentor for Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute’s Business Launch Boot Camp. She has worked with diverse clients from small not-for-profits to multi-million dollar firms. She understands she is, in many cases, the sole advisor and financial expert for her clients. To help clients see a complete picture of the health of their businesses, De Ann forgoes jargon and instead builds partnerships. She is an expert in many areas. Before becoming an accounting guru, De Ann spent more than ten years managing projects in fields ranging from clinical research to large-scale public events and non-profit fundraisers.
Barbara Whitney is a bookkeeping professional who has worked in the finance field for over 35 years. After a 15-year accounting career in residential and commercial development, Barbara found a niche working for small businesses needing skilled and proficient assistance but who were unable to afford a full time accountant. Since striking out on her own, Barbara has worked with a varied clientele, including real estate agents, para-medical practitioners, non-profits, and educational video producers. While she keeps the financial aspects of a business running smoothly, clients can focus on managing and growing their company. Barbara has always enjoyed numbers and problem solving. When she’s not working with her “left brain,” Barbara enjoys creating beautifully hand-crafted cards and gifts. She is an avid traveler and loves to spend time with her family and friends.

We have the solutions you didn’t even know were possible. Need a partner to handle finances? Looking for a billing solution? Behind on your books? We have the financial skills and technology you need to get and stay ahead of the competition.